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<Calpheon College Librarian> Annolisa Rosie

Knowledge rank is the level of knowledge acquired by killing NPC mobs. It may take multiple kills of the same type of creature before the knowledge is acquired.

Ranks and effects[edit | edit source]

  • C – Allows the player to see the target monster's HP
  • B – Gives a defense bonus against the monster
  • A - Gives +5 AP bonus against the monster
  • A+ - Gives +7 AP bonus against the monster
  • S – Increases the experience gained from killing the monster, and increases the chance of loot drops

Prior to the 10 January 2018 patch, to improve knowledge rank of a specific monster required the player to visit the <Calpheon College Librarian> Annolisa Rosie and pay 10 energy to delete the current knowledge of that creature. Then the player would be required to begin killing that monster again in the hope of achieving a better rank. Following the patch, higher-grade knowledge now automatically replaces the current knowledge without requiring deletion by the player. This change did not include knowledge of monsters like the world boss monsters which require a certain level of Amity with an NPC to acquire.